GPix Pixel Ad Script 1.4.0 Installer

This wizard will guide you through the setup process.

Step 1: Checking your server environment

In this step, I will determine if your system meets the requirements for the server environment. To use GPix Pixel Ad Script, you must have PHP with MySQL support, and write-permissions on certain files and folders. After the installation is completed, you may wish to adjust some file permissions for security.

config.php is writeable Yes
temp/ folder is writeable Yes
grids/ folder is writeable Yes
UserFiles/ folder is writeable Yes
templates_c/ folder is writeable Yes
cache/ folder is writeable Yes
File uploads allowed Yes
MySQL support enabled Yes
GD2 support enabled Yes
... GD2 GIF support available Yes
... GD2 JPEG support available Yes
... GD2 PNG support available Yes
... FreeType support available Yes
PHP version >= 4.0.6 Yes

Your server environment is correct. You may continue with the installation.